4 ways to throw an incredible Christmas party on-board

Christmas parties require preparations that can seem a little repetitive since they must happen every year. Trying to keep things ‘fresh’ can often be a bit of a headache, making Christmas party planning overwhelming. That’s why we’ve put together our top 5 ideasto help you get thinking about your next Christmas party – even better, these ideas can all be done on-board Ocean Groove Cruises!

Potluck Party

A large part of a Christmas party and subsequently an often-expensive part, is the food. Keep things simple and costs low by opting for a potluck party. No one must do too much, no one has to do it all, and everyone knows there will be at least one thing at the party they can eat. To host it successfully, you can ask your guests to cook something that they usually eat during the Christmas break or ignore the holiday season theme altogether and let them bring their favourite dish. Not the best cook? No problem, potluck isn’t always about homemade food – pop to the supermarket grab some chips and dip or something fresh from the bakery. That’s the best thing about a potluck – there are no rules.

Gift Exchanging Games

Let’s face it, the days of secret Santa are over since placing gifts on a table and calling out names can get a little dull year-on-year. Why not spice things up this year with a gift exchange game – Afterall, naughty or nice, everyone loves a Christmas game!

There are so many ways to approach this depending on your group dynamic and age. Check out the great ideas listed here to see what would work for your Christmas party.

Our top picks include:

  • Gift Guess
  • Charity Exchange
  • White Elephant

Splurge for a little party entertainment

Entertainment is a distraction, talking point and it will also help set your party apart from others. Don’t be afraid to opt for something a bit unique. At Ocean Groove we offer live band entertainment, DJ hire, Brazilian Dancers, Drag Queens, Bare Butlers and Exotic Dancers It may be an extra expense, but it will certainly help keep your guests occupied and entertained all evening – ensuring your party is enjoyed by all.

Pick a theme

Choosing a party theme is an excellent way to make sure your evening is both memorable and fun. It can also be a great alternative to entertainment, after all, a theme can act as its own entertainment. Opt to keep it simple and holiday based or let your imagination go crazy! A few of our favourite Christmas themes include:

• Christmas Murder Mystery Party
• Ugly Christmas Sweater Party
• Christmas Masquerade Ball
• Christmas ‘C’ theme – dress as anything beginning with C!

No matter how you choose to throw your party, we can guarantee that hosting it on-board Auckland’s best party boat will be sure to thrill your guests! Get in touch today and let us help your 2021 Christmas Party.

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