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5 fantastic and everlasting boat party theme ideas

Fool-proof boat party themes for every occasion

When it comes to planning your corporate Christmas party, boat party, significant birthday, hen party or buck’s night, choosing a party theme is an excellent way to make sure your evening is both memorable and fun. But with a world of endless possibilities, it can be difficult to select a theme that creates enough excitement to prompt guest participation. Fortunately, If you’re lacking inspiration for your upcoming function, we’ve got your back. We have compilled a list of 5 fool proof party themes, that are sure to create a buzz among your guests – regardless of your event type!

1. Pirates

It’s no surprise, that we have hosted a pirate themed party or two. After all, Ocean Groove Cruises are Auckland’s leading party boat provider and who could imagine a better location for a pirate themed party than onboard a private charter boat?

Inspired by the likes of eccentric pirate “Captain” Jack Sparrow and loveable Long John Silver, the pirate party theme offers adventure, fun and excitment. From eye patches and swords to bandana’s and corsets, the costume possibilities are both endless and easy to find. In addition, sites like pinterest are great for finding party food idea’s like pirate ship hot dogs and cannon chocolate balls.

2. Corporate Casino

Imagine the glitz and glam of the Las Vegas strip with the excitement and laughter of the casino. All with no risk of losing any money. Sounds like fun, right? Well that is exactly what a corporate casino theme can offer. Whether you want black tie, 20s Gatsby or a wild western evening, a casino theme offers a fantastic evening of gambling – with play money ofcourse. For some, they choose to create their own games but others opt to select a casino hire companies, that can offer blackjack tables, Roulette, Baccarat, Poker, and much more.

3. Rio Carnival

Experience the unique vibrance of the Rio Carnival. One of the biggest and brightest street party events in the world. Known for its high energy, beautiful dancers and great music. There is no doubt why a carnival theme is perfect for those wanting a big, bold and lavish celebration. From Samba drums to fabulous feathered costumes, and every in-between. This party theme is an excellent choice for an array of special occassions.

Ocean Groove Cruises partner with Auckland based ‘Samba Passion‘ who specialise in providing dynamic Brazilian drumming and dance performers. If you are interested in throwing a carnival extraviganza, speak to us today about booking entertainment options.

4. Hawaiian Luau

Welcome your guests to a colourful, exotic and floral celebration filled with music, food and dancing – think ukulele’s, leis, hula skirts, pineapples and floral shirts. All typical elements that we think of when we imagine a habitual Hawaiian Luau. Traditionally, a luau is a celebration of a milestone, wedding or birthday. It represents the coming together of friends and family to commemorate special occasions. It is no shock that this theme is increasingly popular among party planners. Afterall, Ohana is important in every culture.

5. All White Parties

A theme that is seemingly increasing in popularity, is the American derived all white party. With the clue being in the name, this theme involves party goers dressing only in all or almost all white clothing. The exception, on occasion, being that the party celebrant wears an alternative colour. Think a bride-to-be wearing all pink, while her maids of honour wear white. Or a Bachelor wearing all black as his fellow bucks wear only white. The idea being that they are the ones being celebrated and so need to stand out.

Especially popular in the summertime, all white parties don’t only focus on clothing. Think white balloons, white flowers, white decorations, and even white party food. Think beautifully decorated white chocolate cupcakes, crisp meringue kisses, white bread finger sandwiches, and plenty of marshmallows. The possibilities and endless when you put your mind to it.

Regardless of your event or celebration, we are sure that these themes would be a great addition to your special day.

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