New Zealand Tourism Sustainability Commitment

Ocean Groove: The exciting journey to achieving our sustainability commitment

Commited to sustainable tourism

Now more than ever, the importance of business sustainability is an especially important topic. When we chose to re-launch our Auckland Harbour Cruise business, we did not just focus on our re-brand appearance. Instead we chose to commit our business to ‘The New Zealand Tourism Sustainability Commitment’. Which aims to see every New Zealand tourism business committed to sustainable tourism by 2025.

Within the commitment there are 12 obligations based on four areas of focus:

  • Economic sustainability (Economically sustainable, resilient, and innovative businesses)
  • Visitor sustainability (World-leading experiences that exceed visitor expectations)
  • Community sustainability (Communities which benefit from and are supported by tourism)
  • Environmental sustainability (Protecting, restoring, and enhancing our natural environment and biodiversity)

The actions we are doing now

Although we have longer-term intentions, and we look forward to the long journey ahead. We are proud to have already taken some small steps towards environmental sustainability. While predominantly focussing on eliminating waste and taking responsibility for the entire life cycle of our services. We chose to eliminate our previously plastic heavy catering options and instead partner with Little Wolf Catering. Led by founder and chef Marcel Leydesdorff, Little Wolf provide their catering in sustainable packaging and use local, cage-free, and sustainable products wherever they can.

Our waste reduction strategy focused heavily on reducing our paperwork. Upon our re-launch we moved to a fully digital booking and inventory system. This let us our customers book easily online from their mobile, desktop or tablet device. Although our customers can still call and make bookings over the phone, our new booking system removes the need for wasted paper notes by removing the need to jot down customer details. It can all now be input and stored securely within our digital booking system.

Additionally, our re-brand presented the opportunity to re-evaluate our supply-chains from a social and environmental perspective. We are now more focused on supporing local suppliers and minimising waste and packaging. Our onboard cutlery and plates are made from tree-free and plastic-free bamboo.

The actions we plan to take

Once our re-launched business has had time to settle within the community, we hope to build on our commitment to community sustainability. With an aim of actively and positively engaging within the community we do business; we look forward to identifying a local cause to support. This may include some sort of sponsorship opportunity, volunteering, or fundraising. We also hope to seek opporunities within the local community to newtork with likeminded business owners.

We currently use plastic straws onboard but we often encourage our guests to go without. Looking to the future we will be seeking plastic alternatives.

In addition, we hope that the new year will bring opportunity to work closely with other businesses. We currently partner with some of Auckland’s premier entertainment companies and offer their services to our clients. However, we hope to expand this and look to partner with local domestic agents to achieve greater visitor sustainability throughout the year.

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