Five compelling reasons to take a cruise during the winter season 

Winter, the season of cooler days, darker nights, and crisp air. Some love it and some would rather look forward to the summertime but nevertheless the season is here for the next 3 months. At Ocean Groove Cruises, we don’t want the wintertime to hold you back. The allure of a cruise might be stronger in the summer but we’re here to tell you why setting sail during winter is just as fun and offers some benefits.

Because Winter Prices Can be Cheaper

The winter season presents the advantage of off-peak cruise deals that offer great cost savings. At Ocean Groove Cruises we are pleased to offer 2-hour cruise deals over the Winter season. Book your cruise with us until August 2021 and you can secure 2 hours of Auckland harbour cruising for only $1,050 for 30 people. 2-hour cruises are not available during spring and summer.

You can escape the cold temperatures

The cold weather often forces people to spend more time indoors, for fear of the cool temperatures outside. You can rest assured however that our private charter offers an enticing warm atmosphere away from the cold. our indoor seating/ dining area and upper floor dance floor both offer warmth while proving beautiful 360 ocean views – giving you the illusion of being outdoors while staying warm!

There is often greater date availability

Though it’s unlikely that our Auckland charter will have full availability during the winter, you will notice greater date availability in our booking calendar than during our peak summer season. The winter season offers you the advantage of not having to compromise on dates or options, while giving you the opportunity to secure a popular Friday or Saturday night of cruising much easier than in the summer – giving you and your guests an evening of fun under the stars and moonlight!

The scenery is just as stunning as in the summertime

Let’s face it – winter or not. In New Zealand, it’s likely that we will experience some winter sunshine. Afterall, we are known as the country that can have all four seasons in one day. Regardless of the weather though, Auckland Harbour and the Hauraki Gulf are a stunning backdrop in any weather – day or night.

It gives you something to look forward too

Winter can be one of the dullest times of the year. With seasonal weather often keeping people indoors. It’s for that reason that it’s a great opportunity to make a cruise booking, with cruises offering a warm, fun space to connect with family, friends and celebrate together – A great way to beat those winter blues!

So what’s stopping you? Head over to our online booking system today, grab yourself a winter cruise deal and get your friends together for a fabulous winter cruise!

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