Ocean Groove Cruises: Operating update during covid

COVID Alert Level 3
Unfortunately, we are unable to operate at alert level 3 due to government restrictions. If your booking
date is during Alert Level 3…… we are happy to reschedule you at no extra coast ……. Etc …. You know the rest

COVID Alert Level 2 Rules & Criteria:
We are happy to advise we are legally allowed to operate during level 2 and your booking can proceed.

We would like to take the opportunity to let you know the rules as stated in the
Government website and ask you to pass this info on to your guests for health and
safety and to help the cruise go efficiently. We are classed as a private charter tour and a
private social gathering function so the rules are significantly different from those of a
public place, bar, restaurant or nightclub. These rules work in your favour to help you
celebrate your special occasion with your friends, family and colleagues with less

Please advise your guests to saty at home if they are feeling unwell, showing symptoms
or waiting for COVID 19 test results. We cannot allow their entry.
We have hand sanitiser spread out about the boat and ask all guests to use them
frequently and wash their hands after using the bathroom.

COVID QR Posters and Scanning
We are required by law to display a QR Code Poster for our staff an customers to scan.
This enables our commitment to safeguard our customers and wider community from
the spread of COVID 19. All guests over 12 must scan or record their details in a register.
We encourage customers to scan rather than writing in a register to ensure the cruise
can start without delay. Our staff are required to scan in for duty however this cannot be
legally enforced with customers and we will not be denying entry if refused. We do ask
that everyone supports us and the rest of NZ with this effort to keep NZ safe.

Maximum Guest Numbers
Government rules allow a maximum of 100 people to gather at event venues.
Our boat is surveyed for a maximum of 50 guests plus 4 crew. More staff can be added
when guest numbers are lower.

Space Restrictions (1 group booking – 1 bubble)
We shall be classing your group booking as one bubble as a private social gathering.
Government website defines a bubble as a group of people you have day to day physical
contact with and can include family, flatmates, close friends or workmates. There will be
no space restrictions to those in your bubble during the cruise as our venue is classed as
one space and has only one entry and exit with the group sharing the same bathroom

We encourage your guests to try to keep 1m spacing where possible from those they
don’t know. Our staff will do their best to keep 1m distance from guests however this will
not be physically possible at all times in the passage ways.

There are no seating space restrictions for private gatherings at private function venues
such as ours.

Face Masks
Our staff are legally required to wear face masks. We take this seriously and have
invested in the highly affective Israeli mask. Allowances will be made when our staff must
eat or drink. Customers are not legally required to wear face masks for private social
gatherings on charter / group tours.

Food & Drink
Our staff shall be serving drink from behind the bar to help keep a 1m distance.
Contactless payment is available but is not reliable due to the network issues on the
water. Customers are asked to bring cash and use the hand sanitiser at the bar after each

If you have chosen to bring your own food onboard you are encouraged to limit the
number of people serving the food / using serving utensils. Hand sanitiser shall be
available at the serving tables.

We value your business and thank you for cruising with us. If you or your guests have
any concerns or questions please feel free to address them directly with us and we will
do our best to help

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